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Transparency is key to maintain trust and faith

Our world has come to a complete halt. All countries are unprepared to cope with the global need to protect ourselves and our loved ones against an invisible enemy. Many of us fear the economic fallout that is sure to come after the Coronavirus pandemic recedes.

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Whilst much of the world is shutting down, Hong Kong is still open for business.

Though conscientiously and carefully keeping our social distance, we are still relatively unrestricted in our movement.

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We are close to the original epicenter but our borders remain open as our cases are under control.

Our location and experience means we can potentially play a part in helping the rest of the world now.

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That’s why we started When Transparency Matters. When Transparency Matters establishes links between suppliers and the markets that demand key products in times of crisis. Our margin covers the costs to support our organizational requirements in order to keep costs as low as possible.

We aim to source and deliver commodities as fast as possible and at the best prices to ensure a Fair Trade deal for our customers.

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Because transparency matters most in times of crisis:
  • When we want to protect the well-being of our family, friends, businesses and community
  • When our brave first responders need to be equipped with appropriate protective equipment
  • When unscrupulous retailers take advantage of shortages and overcharge

Our Main Goal is focused on supplying equipment demanded as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have entered a strategic partnership to rapidly source large quantities of healthcare supplies from Suppliers in Malaysia, Thailand, India and other surrounding countries. We have also established an operational framework that will optimize logistics to ensure costs and lead times are minimized where possible.

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We expect to be involved worldwide in other projects as the need inevitably arises.

Our state of calamity calls for honest human beings to focus on this unprecedented need for transparency at every opportunity and as we say To Make a Difference Not Profit.

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